How long does it take for one settlement?

Average settlement trading takes one to three months once all relevant variables are presented. However, some agreements may take much longer to resolve. By partnering with specialized legal counsel, you can speed up the negotiation process and get compensation faster. By law, a bank can only hold funds deposited in an account for a “reasonable period of time.” However, reasonableness is not defined.

Banks generally hold deposits for 1 to 7 business days, but large amounts of money may cause a longer delay. All banks have a disclosure of availability of funds that they must make available to customers. As mentioned before, most injured victims receive their settlement funds within about six weeks of the end of negotiations. As noted above, the time period will vary depending on the extent of the injuries and the number of parties involved.

Often, a case will last one year from the date of filing the complaint to the settlement. It could also be six months. In only a minority of cases, a personal injury lawsuit will take two to three years to resolve. The typical time frame for the liquidation process is four to six weeks.

This will vary on a case by case basis.