How do you negotiate a settlement offer?

Let's see how to best position your claim for success, keep in mind a settlement amount. Don't jump to the first offer. Have the adjuster justify a low offer. Learn more about negotiating your personal injury claim.

Make sure you're prepared (see above). Reaching a successful settlement agreement generally involves determining an amount that the responsible party must pay in compensation. The decision on that number usually includes a round trip exchange with the two parties negotiating bids to reach an agreed amount. For example, an insurance provider will use lockdown tactics to exhaust the victim and avoid paying a higher settlement for an accident claim.

For example, if you were injured in a car accident, but it's not clear who is at fault, it can be challenging to negotiate the amount of compensation that must be paid. The party receiving the settlement demand letter could be the negligent party, or it could be the representative of the negligent party, such as an insurance company (such as in personal injury car accident cases).