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Personal injuries are those injuries sustained by an individual who has been involved in an accident caused by the harmful intent or negligence of another. Most of these types of accidents leave a person with serious injuries which require medical treatment and often cause someone to be unable to work for some time. If you or a loved one has been injured in such an accident, consulting with a St. Lucie County personal injury lawyer to guide you through the claims process will enable you to concentrate on recovering from your injuries while Layman Law Firm takes care of the complexities of your case.

The types of injuries which can occur in common accidents involving negligence include such things as head, neck and back injuries, fractures, burns, amputations, and even death. Having a resourceful legal advocate providing you with experienced legal help will go far in ensuring you obtain the compensation you deserve.

Our firm is skilled and experienced in handling any of the following types of cases:

Personal Injury Attorney in St. Lucie County

Don't let an insurance company dictate the terms of your settlement following an injury. When you have serious injuries and other losses, contact our office for personal legal representation.

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