Palm Bay Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

Guidance after Being Involved in a Pedestrian Accident

Many different types of vehicles must share the road safely and be respectful of the differing needs of various cars, trucks, buses and motorcycles. Added into that mix to sometimes perilous results are pedestrians Drivers must remain aware of the conditions around them, pay close attention to traffic signs and signals, and stay mentally alert, because pedestrians do not have the same protections afforded to them as other vehicles do. When a driver is negligent behind the wheel, it can lead to the serious injury of a pedestrian. If you or a loved one has been injured in such an accident, legal counsel and assistance are available from a Palm Bay personal injury attorney, as you may be eligible to recover damages for your medical bills and lost wages.

It is always wise for someone on foot to also remain alert and use care when navigating busy sidewalks and city streets, as other drivers may not be so careful. Always stay within posted crosswalks, follow traffic flow signals and never jaywalk. Even if you as a pedestrian exhibit caution and care, injuries can still occur due to careless and negligent drivers who are speeding, driving too fast for conditions, are disrespectful of crosswalks, driving drunk, or otherwise reckless by ignoring traffic laws and signals. Injuries sustained when a vehicle hits a pedestrian can be tragic, including serious harm to the head, brain, neck, and spinal cord as well as broken bones, lacerations and damage to internal organs.

Pedestrian Accident Attorney on Space Coast

You should never be forced into a difficult financial position due to the injuries caused you by another. We at Layman Law Firm take pride in our small and experience team and can offer a personal level of outstanding legal service. Our attorneys understand the seriousness of your predicament, and will diligently seek monetary damages necessary to help with your recovery and way of life.

The recklessness of another should not be allowed to cause you injury. Contact a Palm Bay Pedestrian Accident Lawyer today for swift and just legal action and the protection of your rights.