Contingency Fees for Palm Bay Injury Cases

Palm Bay Personal Injury Attorney

After sustaining painful injuries as the result of another person's negligence, an accident victim is left to pick up the pieces while contending with expensive medical bills, missed wages, and a long recovery. Many victims are unsure where they can turn for assistance after these traumatic experiences and are wary of seeking legal counsel because of the added expense. Our Palm Bay personal injury attorneys at Layman Law Firm understand the hardships facing accident victims, which is why we offer our proven representation on a contingency fee basis.

What are contingency fees?

We hold to a contingency fee agreement with every personal injury case we take, which means that our clients pay us only if we successfully represent their claims or lawsuits. If our team is able to secure proper compensation for a client, that individual will pay a contingency fee based off of a percentage of the total amount that is recovered. This means that if we help you secure compensation through any type of dispute resolution, including a settlement or jury verdict, you will pay us based on the percentage agreed upon when we began your case.

If we do not recover any damages on your behalf through an injury claim or before the court, you will not owe our attorneys a single thing. Working on a contingency fee basis is a risk we take, but we are proud to serve our clients in this way as it shows our dedication to helping victims and our relentless commitment to seeking the very best outcome for our clients and their families.

Layman Law Firm: Dedicated to Helping Injured Victims in Palm Bay

Our firm strives to provide our community with nothing less than exceptional and effective legal counsel, and working on a contingency fee basis is one way we are able to accomplish this goal. Perhaps the greatest benefit to our clients is that they do not risk losing any money or owing our firm even if their claim or lawsuit is unsuccessful. This also means that when we take on a client our team is confident that they have a strong case with a great chance of obtaining compensation for the victim.

The contingency fee agreement should also assure you that your attorney from Layman Law Firm will work tirelessly to pursue the best possible result for your case. We understand the implications the case's outcome will have upon your family, and our team builds comprehensive cases through rigorous and detailed preparation. Unlike many firms, our staff sees you not as another paycheck, but as a valued client who deserves excellent and caring legal service, and we would be proud to help you fight for justice. If you would like to learn more about our experienced representation, contact a Palm Bay personal injury lawyer from our offices today!