Florida To Ban Texting While Driving?

On Tuesday, November 20, 2012, a bill was introduced in the Florida Senate that would ban drivers from texting or emailing while driving. A similar bill is expected to be filed in the Florida House of Representatives. Presently, there are 39 states that ban texting or emailing while driving. Due in no small part to an increase in the number of fatal accidents on Florida roads, pressure is mounting to add Florida to the list of states that ban texting and/or emailing while driving.

According to The Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, fatal crashes are up in Florida increasing to 636 from 609 in the first quarter of this year. Distracted drivers are the number one cause of accidents in Florida. These distractions take many forms including texting/emailing, talking on the phone, adjusting the controls in the car, eating, carrying on conversations in the car, etc. Florida should definitely follow the lead of the majority of the other states in the United States and ban texting and emailing while driving. Many lives would be saved and many personal injuries would be avoided.