Wild Hogs Causing Car Accidents In Brevard County

According to Central Florida News 13, wild hogs in Brevard County are causing damage, costing money and threatening drivers on major area roadways. Incidents of drivers hitting wild hogs is on the rise. In September of 2011, a Cocoa, Florida woman struck a large black hog that darted in front of her car on State Road 520. Likewise, in December of 2011, a Florida Highway Patrol trooper hit a wild hog on State Road 46. The car accident caused about $1,200 in damage to his trooper's cruiser. According to the Florida Department of Transportation (DOT), over a dozen wild hogs have been caught near the Pineda extension off I-95.

In addition to the hazards the wild hogs cause to motorists, they are also very destructive due to their rooting and wallowing tendencies. Hogs root up the ground to unearth food and they wallow in dirt and mud to cool off and to soothe their skin due to their lack of sweat glands. A section of a retention pond near the new Pineda extension had to be re-sodded twice because the hogs tore up the ground. DOT reports this damage has cost the contractor roughly $5,000.00.

The wild hogs pose a serious threat to motorists especially between dusk and dawn when the hogs are most active. In Brevard County, troopers have seen an influx in cars hitting animals, usually wild hogs or deer but some incidents of motorists striking alligators, cranes, horses and cows have also been reported.