Family's Pit Bull Attacks Toddler

According to The Florida Today, a Titusville toddler was bitten in the face by a dog on Monday, September 19, 2011. According to animal control officials, the dog bite to the toddler's face was "severe". Evidently, the 18 month old girl was in her family's living room when when the family's pit bull dog attacked her. She sustained at least one puncture wound and several lacerations from the dog's teeth. Witnessess said that the dog bite was unprovoked. The toddler was transported to Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children in Orlando, Florida for the treatment of her personal injuries sustained as a result of this dog bite. The pit bull was placed in quarantine. After the quarantine, the dog will be euthenized. The toddler's family has owned the pit bull for 8 years.