Text Messaging While Driving

On February 25, 2011 near Cocoa Beach High School, a 9 year old boy was struck by a motorist who was reportedly looking down at her telephone while text messaging someone.  As a result of this accident, the 9 year old boy was severely injured. 

Fact patterns such as this one are all too common not only here in Brevard County but all across the State of Florida.  In this high tech world we live in, motorists can often be found talking on their cell phones, text messaging friends, checking emails on their hand-held devices, using GPS and/or using new high tech features in cars such as SYNC.  While all of these high tech devices in many ways make our lives more comfortable and allow us to stay connected while we are on the move, they also pose serious safety hazards as they serve as distractions to motorists while driving.  All motorists should operate their vehicles in a safe manner and with due regard for other motorists, pedestrians and bicyclists on the road and this should include not text messaging while driving.