South Tropical Trail - Beautiful but Treacherous

South Tropical Trail on Merritt Island is widely considered one of the most beautiful stretches of road on Florida's east coast.  In fact, the State of Florida has designated South Tropical Trail south of the Pineda Causeway to be a "Scenic Highway". 

Merritt Island is actually more like a penisula than an island.  It is wide at its northernmost point and very narrow at its southernmost point.  The island is bordered by the Banana River on the east and the Indian River on the west.  As you travel between the Pineda Causeway and Mathers Bridge, sweeping views of both the Indian and Banana Rivers  can be enjoyed coupled with tropical foilage and riverfront mansions.  The road is very narrow at its southern end and there are speed bumps to help slow traffic down.

This natural beauty draws many people to travel South Tropical Trail, including sightseers, bicyclists, motorcyclists, pedestrians, joggers, etc.  Over the years, many very serious and sometimes fatal car accidents have occurred on South Tropical Trail.  The combination of a narrow road, distraction, speed bumps and unpredictable pedestrians, joggers, bicyclists and motorcyclists, is most likely the cause of these unfortunate accidents.  

If you are traveling South Tropical Trail, either in a truck or car or as a pedestrian, jogger, bicyclist or motorcylist, use extreme caution as you navigate up and down this beautiful stretch of road.  Hopefully, additional accidents can be limited or altogether elminated.