Fiery Accident Kills Two and Destroys Beachline Overpass

A tragic accident occurred on Friday, January 21, 2011 on the Beachline (528) on Merritt Island, Florida.  A westbound pick up truck lost control and slammed into a gasoline tanker.  The pickup truck flipped several times and then dropped off the overpass at North Courtenay Parkway (S.R. 3).  The tanker broke through a barrier on the Beachline and into the eastbound lanes where it burst into flames.  The drivers of both vehicles died.  Dental records will be used to identify the drivers of the two vehicles.

The overpass at North Courtenay Parkway and the Beachline was badly damaged by the fire.  Officials say it will take approximately one (1) month to repair the overpass.  Traffic in the area is being re-routed around the damaged overpass.  Construction crews will work around the clock to repair the damaged overpass.